After the Art – Issue 8 – June 2020

Welcome to After the Art’s eighth issue.

We hope you enjoy these five essays — some of which were written before the pandemic and some during:

“Finding MoMA” by Susan Lago

“The Mytheme of Male Desire” by Thomas Larson

“Love Forever” by Nels P. Highberg

“David Foster Wallace and The Midnight Gospel: Choosing in the Time of the Coronavirus” by Lou D. Malbe

“Heavy Is the Root of Light” by Dana Delibovi

We’ve also started a Facebook page, which you can follow for posts about future issues as well as exhibits, articles, books, essays, and sites that might be of interest.

Getty Museum Challenge screenshot
Getty Museum Challenge screenshot.  “Inspired by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam and a brilliant Instagram account called Between Art and Quarantine,” the Getty Museum challenged viewers “to re-create your favorite art using just three objects lying around [your] home.”  Perhaps one of these many images might be the art for an After the Art essay?
After the Art publishes personal review essays that explore the ways reading and art enrich each other.

Because of the coronavirus, most museums are closed.  But here is a list of museums that have extensive online collections:

Brera Pinacoteca – Milan

Uffizi Gallery – Florence

Vatican Museums – Rome…/collezio…/catalogo-online.html

Archaeological Museum – Athens

Prado – Madrid

Louvre – Paris

British Museum – London

Metropolitan Museum – New York

Hermitage – Saint Petersburg

National Gallery of Art – Washington

We’d love to hear how looking at art (online) and reading (at home) can enrich each other even (especially?) during this time of physical distancing.

If you’re interested in submitting, please read our guidelines.

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