Joy in the Finding

by Stephen J. West


“There!” I stepped to the side of the path and stopped. I thrust my hand toward the top of a building a few blocks east of 10th Avenue. There: a water tower: hunkered on the rooftop: the shallow angle of its conical roof: the earthy shake of its shingles: the rusted belts cinched around its driftwood trunk: the rickety steel frame perched discretely above the storefronts that sizzled with traffic along the street below. Continue reading “Joy in the Finding”

Edward Hopper and the Tourist from Syracuse

by Gregory Luce

A gas station at night, the only bright spot on a dark, lonely road. Bright red pumps, a fading red Pegasus, and a man at the pumps probably closing up for the night. It might well be the place where the used-car salesman stopped for a six-pack on the way home from the sales convention. Or possibly the station where two men, Al and Max, gassed up on their way to Summit to kill the Swede, Ole Anderson. Or where the tourist from Syracuse stopped in to ask about a place to stay for the night. Continue reading “Edward Hopper and the Tourist from Syracuse”

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