After the Art – Issue 7 – March 2020

Welcome to After the Art’s seventh issue.

We hope you enjoy these four essays:

“Art in the Age of Amateur Reproduction” by Michael Sheehan

“This Little Map” by Deborah Goodman

“Pilgrims” by Martha Anne Toll

“Voicing the Choir” by Anna Smith

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Art in the Age of Amateur Reproduction

by Michael Sheehan

“It was like / a new knowledge of reality.”

– Wallace Stevens


A few ago I found myself more or less by accident sitting in the cinema-dark of the Byzantine Fresco Chapel of the Menil Collection looking at or meditating on the wall of repeated amateur portraits that is Francis Alys’ Fabiola Project, a massive wall of hundreds of amateur replicas of the same absent original, Jean Jacques Henner’s lost 1885 portrait of Saint Fabiola.

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This Little Map

by Deborah Goodman

This little map, modest and spare, shows the small expanse of my hometown, Urbana, Illinois, as it was in 1869.  It was drawn by panoramic-map artist Albert Ruger, who helped develop this new form of cartography, producing maps of towns and cities in 22 states. Many of the street names in the Urbana birds-eye view remain the same today.

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