After the Art — Issue 17 — September 2022

Welcome to After the Art’s seventeenth issue.

We hope you enjoy these three essays:

“Tigers” by Amy Bowers

“Joy in the Finding” by Stephen J. West

“Both Sides Now” by Emily Pulfer-Terino

We’ve also started a Facebook page, which you can follow for posts about future issues as well as exhibits, articles, books, essays, and sites that might be of interest. Continue reading “After the Art — Issue 17 — September 2022”


by Amy Bowers


The glowing computer screen commands my focus at 5 a.m. as I teach international middle school students literature. This week we are reading “Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers” (1951) by Adrienne Rich and I am trying to prod my students to say what the tigers in Aunt Jennifer’s needlework might represent. They have no idea. Continue reading “Tigers”

Joy in the Finding

by Stephen J. West


“There!” I stepped to the side of the path and stopped. I thrust my hand toward the top of a building a few blocks east of 10th Avenue. There: a water tower: hunkered on the rooftop: the shallow angle of its conical roof: the earthy shake of its shingles: the rusted belts cinched around its driftwood trunk: the rickety steel frame perched discretely above the storefronts that sizzled with traffic along the street below. Continue reading “Joy in the Finding”

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