After the Art — Issue 13 — September 2021

Welcome to After the Art’s thirteenth issue.

We hope you enjoy these three essays:

“The Ekphrasis of the Second Self” by Alia Soliman

“Skimming the Surface” by Mary Anne Trause

“The Pieta” by Kerry Malawista 

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Skimming the Surface

by Mary Anne Trause

In December 2019, I saw the online image of a young girl posted by the Greg Kucera Gallery, which I had visited in Seattle often before moving to San Diego. The image captured me. I had to see it in person. I actually took an overnight trip to stand before her. Addie Mae Collins from Forever: Four Little Girls. One of the four Sunday school girls slain in Birmingham on September 15, 1963. Captured eternally in a Forever stamp replica by Paul Rucker. 

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The Pieta 

by Kerry L. Malawista

A year after my eighteen-year-old daughter died, my husband and I went to see the literary adaptation of Colm Tóibín’s, The Testament of Mary. While I hadn’t yet read Tóibín’s work, I didn’t want to miss seeing the brilliant actor, Fiona Shaw, alone on the stage. The novella I could read later.

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